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Hova Riddarvecka

Hova town centre in July. A magic transformation is about to set. A little village in the 21st century is travelling back in time - back to the medieval days. Suddenly the park is crowded with market stalls, knights in shining armour, witty jesters, merry musicians skipping down Main Street playing tunes on the flute. Visitors and local citizens dress up in medieval clothing in order to fit into the atmosphere.

When the cannon is fired at 12.00 sharp, the festivities begin. Visitors stroll among the stalls hoping to make a bargin. Medieval jewelry, caramelized almonds or peanuts, lollipops, bread, clothes. Bet some quids on bingo or why not try out mouse roulette?

The youngsters have surely discovered Barnens Riddarland, a castle that send out one message - playtime! Climb the walls, slip down the slides and hang around with your newly found friends. If mum and dad get restless, point them to the coffee corner where they can relax and enjoy home made cinnamon rolls. Luckily, there is lemonade available for thirsty little princesses and knights.

Every brave knight should wear their own protection shield and here's your chance to design your very own. A good knight also require some kind of transportation and that's where the hobby horse come in handy. If you happen to think that hobby horses are for small children, we can offer riding on real ponies.

Do you like a good story and would like to get away from mum and dad for a while? Join our little tour straight in to world of fairy tales to see how the story ends.



Medieval village

Even though the entire town centre flourishes during the nine days of festivities, the market is mainly concentrated to Riddarparken by the railway crossing. This is the place to be if you want to immerse in medieval atmosphere. 



Ladulås’ Lada

Do you feel the appealing aroma from the charcoal grill? Enjoy a sizzling pork steak, a steaming hot bowl of spicy cabbage soup, baked potatoes and salad of chickpeas. After wandering around the food stalls teasing the taste buds, it's time to sit down and restock energy. Jesters usually turn up outside the barn to give a performance of their acrobatic skills while you are savouring the delights. Mind you, it may be a bit tricky to handle knife and spoon as the fork is not yet invented.




When the marketeers call it a day and pack up there are still lots of activities to come. Local bands and orchestras from afar do their sound check prior to tonight's concert in front of curious spectators. Enjoy music of various kinds either in the spacious church or cuddle up with your friends by the stage in the park.

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