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Daily Events


                               Open 12:00-19:00


                                             WELCOME to

                 Riddarveckan 5-13 July 2014

    25th anniversary with extra everything!




NB Sunday 13 July - Tournament 16:00 - look att Day by Day

Wednesday 9 July - Cow bingo! - look at Day by Day



Hova Stadsvakt - the Guard of Hova - opens the daily events with a salut from

the great cannon.

Start betting on the medieval Hasard game. Draw at 14:00



The Museum next to the church is open and shows old rural and local

equipment and tools


12:00- 18:00

Visit Barnens Riddarland for all children - with its castle, good for climbing and


Sagovandring - a guided walk for children 5- 9 years old.

Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat

Klurigt uppdrag - a tricky task for childen 9-12 years old.

Find all the letters to the secret word. A reward to those who solve the task.

Buy your tickets at Barnens Riddarland



Pyssel -pottering for children. You can also buy Swedish "fika" - coffee, fruit

drink and buns.


12:00-19:00 The Medievial Market at Riddarbyn is open.

Listen to and watch the entertainers of the day. Kristin Svensson sings and

plays the   fiddle; the jesters Narrarna act and joke; listen to Galta Galdr


12:00- 19:00

The medieval tavern - Ladulås Lada - serves

·          Jungfru Magdalena's spicy cabbage soup

·          Galne Galten, barbecued pork tenderloin with chickpea sallad

·          Bread

·          Alströmare – baked potatoes and herb butter

·          Cecilia's Sallad

·          Golden baked pan-cakes with jam

·          Coffee, juniper berry drink, linonberry- and appledrink


14:00 Skittle Game at Riddarparken



Competetion in "hurling". Slungskjutning. Herr Harald Stures Compagnie

Take part or just watch!



Visit the Knights' camp at the site for the tournament. You get a chance to talk

to them, look at their weapons and watch them prepare for the tournament.



12:00- 18:00 At Hova Församlingshem, Hova torg, the square next to the bus

stop you can find exhibitions with

  • ·      Photos by Young Photographers 


  •        "Old things become new"  eg new use of old ties


  •         Café with traditional home baked bread


  •         "Riddarveckan 1990.2014"



Småslöjdarna sell crafts and stitchwork in the middle of Hova (next tothe yellow house Vera's)



Exhibitions, lectures, facts and you can try many things. It all takes place next to the railway station


12:30- 14:30 Pony rides for children next to the railway station


13:00- 14:00

At Barnens Riddarland Knights are dubbed and Princesses are coronated by

a real knight




Start betting money on tne mediaval game - Hasardspelet. Draw at 17:00



Narrarna, the jesters act and joke outside Ladan, the tavern, with their own




The Grand Cortege starts from Hova torg and walks to the place for the tournament. 

If you are dressed in medieval clothes, want to join the cortege and watch the Tournament, you can buy a cortege ticket for 50SKr/pers.

These tickets are only sold at the departure of the cortege 17:00-17:30 at Hova torg.




18:00         TOURNAMENT

St Nicolai Knights www.stnicolai.se perform the great tournament between the knights. The narrative is connected with the battle at Hova, which really took place in 1275 and settled that Magnus took the crown from his brother Valdemar.

Tickets are sold in the Information, Riddarbyn and at the entrance for the Tournament.











































































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